I knew she’d end up with Kristoff but I didn’t think a Disney movie would go full douchebag “I’m going to let you die and then go kill your sister!”

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Prince Hans is the reason I have trust issues with men.

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A girl and her hard earned money are soon parted by Sherlock merchandise.

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Do parents know that 80% of the time their daughters say they’re ‘doing homework’ they’re actually on tumblr posting Sherlock gifs?

I feel bad for Molly Hooper when she looked at Tom and realized the deranged serial killer pretending to be a gay guy from IT wasn’t actually the worst boyfriend she’d ever had.

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Sometimes you’re Irene Adler, sometimes you’re Molly Hooper.


This speaks to me on so many levels

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Loo as Stella Macrae - from Delicious the film BTS [x] // 2
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IMO, it’s not really Barbie’s dream house unless she has free wifi.